Jeunesse Global Luminesce Cleanser and Night Cream

Jeunesse Global is a direct selling company that uses distributors around the world to sell their Youth Enhancement System. The product line contains nine different supplements and skincare lines that work synergistically to create powerful benefits. The company was founded in 2009 by a married couple who had been researching stem cells to help their aging bodies perform better. When Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray discovered that the same stem cells were being used to improve the anti-aging properties of skincare, they jumped on the opportunity. Since the founding, the company has grown to more than a billion dollars in annual sales revenue with thousands of people discovering financial freedom through network marketing. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis used their knowledge of network marketing to help their distributors gain all the tools they would need to succeed financially by selling their products.


Their products were created with physicians and dermatologists to carefully develop the potential benefits of each line. Dr. Nathan Newman is one of the leading physicians involved in the development of stem cell research for skincare. He helped Jeunesse Global create their famous Luminesce line that helps reduce the appearance of aging with its formula of APT-200. The growth factors involved in the formula are created from adipose stem cells which have been shown to be more effective at creating the results desired than plant-derived stem cells.


The growth factors stimulate the cells in the epidermis to encourage the skin cells to increase production of certain proteins like elastin and collagen. These proteins are necessary for keeping the skin firm and even.



The Luminesce line contains the advanced night repair cream that helps replenish the skin while you sleep. The APT-200 is mixed with deeply moisturizing ingredients including antioxidants and vitamins to give the skin a radiant glow. This helps reduce dehydration lines that appear on the skin when it becomes overwhelmed with dryness in the air and pollution.


The line also contains the Luminesce youth restoring cleanser. The cleanser contains the chemical exfoliants AHA and BHA to help clear the dead skin cells away from the surface of the skin.