Jose Hawilla: Gaining Sports Marketing Revenues

Jose Hawilla is one of the most popular entrepreneurs in Brazil today. He focused on creating a sports marketing firm called the Traffic Group, and he founded the group in 1980. Born in the city of Sao Paolo, the young Jose Hawilla fascinated with the athletes who are fighting for the glory of their countries. Jose Hawilla wanted to become a popular athlete, but he ends up being a sports broadcaster instead. According to Jose Hawilla, it was not his first choice to become a sports broadcaster, but since it shares similarities with being an athlete, he slowly got the vibe and let the job for himself.

Known for promoting events and games locally and internationally, Jose Hawilla is earning a lot of money from the business that he established. During the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics, both held in Brazil, Jose Hawilla decided to partner with the managers of the game and promote it locally and internationally. The promotion has attracted several tourists from around the world, and since millions of people have attended the event, Jose Hawilla was able to earn a lot of money. Jose Hawilla is also partnering with overseas sports channels, giving him the exclusive rights to air several competitions from events around the world. Check out quora to see more.

Jose Hawilla’s company is not limited to international sporting events like the Olympics and the World Cup. Some local events are also being held inside one of the country’s major cities, and the Traffic Group is responsible for promoting them. Jose Hawilla would always tap the assistance from the radio, newspaper, and television, and with the dawn of the internet, the details about the events can be uploaded to social media websites. This would help the people know about a particular event that will happen in the future.

Hawilla is a proof that hard work pays off. Starting his job as a sports broadcaster, Jose Hawilla never stopped until he finally reached his dreams. Today, he is making more money than the average Brazilian, and he promised that some of the money that he is earning through his businesses would be put to great use.

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