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Kelcy Warren, Chairman and CEO of Energy Transfer Partners, is the head of a company experiencing significant growth recently. Kelcy Warren has seen potential and opportunity for the company in natural gas, a popular and cost-effective alternative to coal.

Warren majored in industrial engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and earned his MBA in finance from Southern Methodist University. He began working for Energy Transfer Partners full-time in 2003 when he became president and chief operating officer of one of the company’s subsidiaries.

Kelcy Warren believes that “the rewards go to those who take the risk.” He has grown the company into a leader in four industries: natural gas, crude oil, liquids and petrochemicals, and natural gas storage. Energy Transfer is one of the largest companies in the United States. Warren’s goal is to make it number one. He has worked tirelessly to achieve this goal and has had some significant victories along the way; however, there are still many challenges that he will have to overcome and many risks that he will have to take.

Warren was able to grow the company and increase profits by taking on major projects considered high-risk at the time they were undertaken. He could take these risks because he felt he had a good understanding of how the industry worked, and he felt comfortable taking these risks. He could assess the potential of different projects and determine whether or not they were worth pursuing. See this page for additional information.

Kelcy Warren received many awards in his career; however, the most prestigious award was from the American Gas Association in 2013. He received a Gary Farrell Environmental and Safety Award for his commitment to safety and for support of legislation vital to safety in the natural gas industry. Warren has built a reputation for security and compliance at Energy Transfer, which is very important in the natural gas industry.


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