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What do you do when you’ve successfully created two different companies from scratch? That’s right, you think of another great idea and found a third endeavor. The person in the spotlight who’s done exactly that is Krishen Iyer and his entrepreneurial enthusiasm continues to this day and propels him forward (Topionetworks). 


Krishen Iyer is a lifelong California resident who obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Administration and Urban Development. His background however, is in the Insurance industry where he’s crafted an excellent reputation as an entrepreneurial innovator.  Krishen Iyer founded Managed Benefit Services which helps insurance firms secure quality sales leads. The analytical process that he put into place has helped this company flourish.


They are even able to help clients secure excellent leads in niche markets that may seem difficult to penetrate. This endeavor has been a success which led successful CEO and serial entrepreneur Krishen Iyer to sell the company and look to his next project. His latest creation is MAIS Consulting where he is their CEO and founder. Under the leadership of Krishen Iyer, they help companies in several critical areas such as strategic growth. Growing a business is something that Iyer has considerable experience with and his expertise can be a game-changer for nascent businesses. 


Additionally, they guide clients with contracting, marketing and putting into place appropriate company policies. The creative nature of Krishen Iyer helps him craft custom solutions for his clients. Krishen Iyer likes to meet with clients in the morning and brainstorm effective answers to their problems throughout the rest of his work day. Giving back is also a part of his DNA and he participates in philanthropic efforts as well.