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Launch House is the community that supports aspiring leaders in their development. Its community includes founders, engineers, and backers building the future together. Community members get access to its private co-living residences in major cities, desirable retreats, and conferences around the globe. They provide executive coaching, networking opportunities, funding support, and an online platform where they offer immersive education experiences and co-working spaces.

Launch House, an online network linking and assisting best performing entrepreneurs, announced that they had launched their venture capital company called House Capital. The company concentrates on helping companies in their community and other early-stage startups. They plan to raise a $10 million fund to return 80% of the money to the community through grants and sponsorships. The funds will also help build the startup ecosystem’s next generation of founders and leaders.

Michael Houstk, Brett Goldstein, and Jacob Peterson founded House Capital to help founders build successful companies. Already, House Capital has made investments with reputable lead investors such as 16z, Sequoia, and Paradigm. Startup founders that get investment from house capital become lifetime members of the launch house community and have full access to all of the community’s resources, including fundraising assistance, online cohorts, and exclusive residences and retreats across the world.

Since its inception in 2022, the company has financed six startups in the pre-seed/seed stage. Some of these investments include Coinbooks, Ghost Financial, and Anja Health. Many of these new firms were able to obtain additional financing at higher valuations within three months of the initial investment, demonstrating the significance of the Launch Hub and House Capital network as a generator of alluring deals.

House Capital is also unique in that we allow our limited partners (LPs) to invest via a traditional venture capital fund and a community-based vehicle called a 506c. This structure provides the best opportunity for small investors to participate in large-scale opportunities. Visit this page to learn more.


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