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Dr. Leen Kawas is a renowned biopharma entrepreneur, inventor, and CEO of M3 Biotechnology, a company that aims to discover new therapies for Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related neurodegenerative diseases. In 2020, she was also named one of the “50 Most Influential Women in Business” by CEO Views magazine.

Kawas’ journey began in Jordan, where she was born and raised. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Jordan before moving to the United States to pursue her higher education. She earned her Master’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Ph.D. in Pharmacy from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

After completing her education, Leen Kawas worked at several pharmaceutical companies, including Novartis, where she gained valuable experience in drug discovery and development. She then founded M3 Biotechnology in 2013 to develop innovative therapies for neurodegenerative diseases.

Under Kawas’ leadership, M3 Biotechnology has achieved significant milestones, including developing a drug candidate that has shown promising results in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease. Leen Kawas and her team are now working to advance this drug candidate to human clinical trials.

In addition to her work as a biopharma entrepreneur, Kawas is also an inventor. She holds several patents related to discovering and developing new drugs for neurodegenerative diseases. Leen Kawas is not only a successful entrepreneur and inventor, but she is also an inspiration to many. She strongly advocates for women in STEM and is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the biopharma industry. She has also been recognized for empowering young women and encouraging them to pursue careers in science.

Despite her busy schedule as a CEO and inventor, Kawas is also a mother and a wife. She believes it is possible to balance a successful career and family life and encourages other women to pursue their dreams, even if it means taking on multiple roles.