Make Money and Live a Privileged Life with Oxford Club

Money is not everything, but it is an essential aspect if you want to live a satisfying life. This concept is the basis on which the Oxford Club is founded on, providing long-lasting wealth together with an abundant life that extends beyond money. The 1989-founded club from Baltimore, Maryland uses time-proven investment plans and principles with strategies that reap tremendous benefits from the stock market by outperforming average returns in a multiple assets categories. It gives priority to bonds, equities, real estate, funds, currencies and precious metals.


Members enjoy a wide range of specialized analysis from experts’ concepts on market trends and trading ideas. Investment information is passed to members through three monthly newsletters, trading services, and three e-letters published daily.


The flagship newsletter is The Oxford Communiqué featuring New York Times bestselling author and club’s chief investment strategist Alexander Green’s analysis of market trends, trading, and investment opportunities. The newsletter features ideas that stretch beyond wealth such as politics, healthy living, and philosophy. The Oxford Income Letter shares professional ways of coming up with an income portfolio drawn from dividend stocks analysis, and bonds. The Oxford Resource Explorer offers investment research and insights into emerging trends in metals, alternative energy, natural gas, and oil.


Using exhaustive and strategic research, the Oxford Club offers services in 12 separate trading categories for investment. They include information that seeks to take advantage of transitions in the energy sector, significant incomes in stocks usually over 30%, macroeconomic trends in explosive movements, and company developments with investment opportunities. Others are biotechnology, energy and technology catalysts to stocks, fastest moving stocks, corporate bonds, with double-digit returns, and equity markets.


The Oxford Club’s 157,000+ members come from 131 countries who enjoy three different membership levels with various benefits. The Premier membership holders are those who have subscribed to any of Oxford Club’s publications enjoy a number of the benefits, and renew their membership every year. The Director’s Circle Membership is for committed lifetime members who have access to the three publications and can transfer membership to family members. The Chairman Circle members are the most privileged enjoying unique features and an annual meeting for sharing investment ideas.