Malcolm CasSelle’s World

Malcolm CasSelle has crafted the next big innovation in cryptocurrency. Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) is a decentralized gaming platform that allows players to own virtual assets. They can create their own markets and participate in virtual exchanges with real value – all in game. This is done through a token system which gives the game items a market value and results in clear transaction costs. This allows players the power to own assets, create economies, and trade virtual goods for physical goods and services.

Malcolm CasSelle has invented such a revolutionary system by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. In order to maintain value with a token system, you must make sure the token is tied to its proper asset. The blockchain ensures all players remain fair in their dealings and don’t duplicate or forge tokens. Players can transfer their game assets by contacting one of the Transfer Agents on their Guild. If a Guild does not complete the transaction as requested, their rating and level of trust will suffer dearly. This ensures that all parties do their part to uphold the virtual economy. It is truly a revolutionary concept and brilliant idea.

Malcolm CasSelle has worked in the tech sector his entire life and founded companies such as NetNoir – a community for African Americans. NetNoir became the first company allowed entry to AOL’s Greenhouse program. This was a major accomplishment for CasSelle.

Malcolm CasSelle can see that we are entering a future where the lines of digital and physical are greatly blurred. He can see the direction commerce is moving. Through digitization, people can own fractions of assets similar to how stocks and bonds are owned in companies. Sports memorabilia, cars, and gold can all be broken down into digital pieces and sold at a fraction of the cost for the physical item. This realization is what fueled Malcolm to innovate and create his company WAX. The blockchain will ensure the security of physical goods traded and Guilds with more transactions will see greater growth in their overall value. Malcolm CasSelle could very well be on the verge of creating an entire digital world.