Matt Badiali: Six Months Till Higher Oil Prices

Matt Badiali is one financial expert who still feels that higher oil prices are coming. A lot of his reasoning for higher oil prices in the near future was due to the Iran sanctions finally going into effect. Some market participants were stunned because after the sanctions went into effect, the oil market remained constant and did not produce dramatic moves to the upside. Matt Badiali is able to address this issue because of his extensive training as a geologist. He learned about how economic and political events could cause commodity prices to move. He broke down to his followers the reasons why oil prices have not made their move. He is advising them to be patient because he sees oil rising next summer.

Matt Badiali first wrote about how both the United States and Saudi Arabia increased oil production at the same time. This created a situation where oil supply is now greater than demand, which helped to keep oil prices from rising. Mr. Badiali also told his followers that there are still some countries who have permission from the United States to continue purchasing Iranian oil for another six months. With these countries still buying Iranian oil, there will be no major shortages in the short-term.

The Trump administration wants to come up with a new deal involving Ian’s nuclear program. Until a deal is agreed upon, Iran will have sanctions placed on them as a means to hurt them economically and to eventually force them to come to an agreement that will favor the United States. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All. The Trump administration hopes to achieve this objective without causing major price spikes in oil. Matt Badiali does not see how this will be possible with the sanctions in play. He notes that Venezuela will not be a reliable source to fill in any oil deficit. He also points out that with Iran being out of the oil picture in six months, there will be a huge deficit that none of the other oil producing countries will be able to fill. Summer is usually a time for higher oil prices, but Matt Badiali feels it will be a more painful summer at the pump if the sanctions stay in effect.

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