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The film industry is one of the areas that renowned entrepreneur Ryan Kavanaugh sought to invest in. Since the 1990s, he has always been a recognizable figure in the industry. He was among the first people to adopt an approach called “Moneyball” to film financing. He used this approach to execute an exciting deal for Marvel Studios that later led to the birthing of Marvel Cinematic Universe, a franchise worth close to 25 billion dollars. Additionally, using the same model, Ryan was able to produce close to 200 successful films that included multiple Oscar nominees and more than six winners. The films are estimated to have generated over 17 billion dollars at the famous box office.

The Fighter and Social Network is one of Ryan Kavanaugh’s most acclaimed films. Today, Ryan is also Proxima Media’s principal. This is a media investment company that comprises of majority of Hollywood’s most disruptive and innovative entrepreneurs. Using the “Moneyball” approach that has since been proven, the firm’s main goal is to control marketing and production costs to maximize global value. In the quest to achieve this, the company focuses on single-picture, low-risk financing. Up to date, Proxima Media has produced, financed, and distributed over 250 films and various highly successful programs in the history of television.

Other than the massive investments associated with Ryan Kavanaugh, he is also a thoughtful philanthropist. His most recent charitable endeavor was in the acquisition of FreeHand, a pet food firm that seeks to salvage the lives of destitute dogs. For every pound of dog food purchased, the firm donates an equivalent to a local animal shelter or rescue organization. Earlier on, Ryan Kavanaugh served on the board of The Art of Elysium in the lucrative position of chairman. This is a charitable organization that focuses on bringing music and art to children and a myriad of underserved populations.

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