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Miki agrawal is a professional dancer. Most recently the competition was judged by legendary choreographer George Balanchine. She is currently on a career break to focus on motherhood and family life–but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to keep up with dance and other activities she loves, such as writing in her blog, Bollywood Dancing Dance.

Miki connects with people who are passionate about dance either through her blog or via interactive online workshops to help them learn the basic steps to Bollywood dances in her Ballet and Bollywood Dance classes. They can also practice it at home with a net or tapes to listen to.

Miki was a Bollywood Dancer in the Hindi film industry for many years. She traveled across and internationally, performing in many award-winning films from the subcontinent. Her dance career began at early age by joining her father’s dance institute, Agrawal Natya Sangeet Vidyalaya and has continued growing ever since. Miki has been recognized all over as one of its finest performers with awards from Kala Shay Deep and Dinesh Thakur. Miki’s next goal is to win an international award for dance.

Miki’s unique style involves energetic and sensuous dance movements and has been described as “contagious energy, rhythmic fluidity and grace” Her dance training includes classical ballet, Bharata Natyam, Bollywood, Kathak and Kuchipudi. Miki began her career as a soloist in the award-winning documentary film “Bharat Darshan”.

Miki has won several awards for her work as a performer, choreographer and teacher. She is currently involved in numerous projects, including the Bollywood Dancing Dance CD Series – a compilation of music that is designed to help dancers learn popular Bollywood dance moves at home. She also writes a monthly column on dance for “The Asian Reporter“.

Miki agrawal is also a member of the Dance Critics Circle and is actively involved in various projects involving dance in Southern California. She gives professional feedback on the choreography of local stage productions, both musicals and plays. Miki has also taught at various venues such as Los Angeles City College, Jai Hind College, UCLA Extension and Barnsdall High School.

Miki agrawal is also the founder and President of the Dancing Divas, which provides a positive and encouraging environment for women to come together to dance, exercise and have fun. The goal of the group is to help women maintain a healthy physique by providing them with daily classes in belly dancing, Bollywood and aerobics.