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Aspire to Inspire

Miki Agrawal has had a pretty storied life and career that can be described as inspiring. She is someone who does things her way. Even in her early life she was seen as someone who sets trends rather than follow them. Her ability to think outside the box has led to being a highly successful entrepreneur and author. The two books she has written both thoroughly explain how she managed to make her own path by disrupting the status quo.

After working in the financial industry for a relatively short time she decided to embark on other endeavors. She set three key goals for herself and met each one surprisingly easily. things just seemed to fall in place for her. As a former pro soccer player in the U.S. she was constantly injured and spent a lot of time on the bench. These injuries would be a blessing in disguise however, as she would come to the realization that the on-set meals provided were very unhealthy. so she would go on to be a major contributor in the establishment of a restaurant that served gluten free pizza despite having minimal cooking experience. The restaurant opened in 2005 and is still up and running with multiple locations today.

Miki Agrawal role in the restaurant business gave her the confidence to start her very own business, Thinx, in 2008. The company developed sustainable women’s underwear designed for use during a woman’s period. Portions of Thinx profits go toward purchasing reusable pads for Ugandan schoolgirls.

The serial disruptor has been honored with a multitude of awards and accolades. She has received high praise from a diverse list of organizations from across the globe. Most noticeably the World Economic Forum and The World Technology Summit.

Miki Agrawal does a great job balancing her work life and personal life. As a mother and wife she still finds a way to work at a very high level. She doesn’t let her personal life affect her work life or vice versa.