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Mo Katibeh is a highly accomplished telecommunications executive with extensive experience in business strategy, operations, and technology. He is currently the Chief Product and Platform Officer at AT&T Business, overseeing the company’s product development and technology strategy.

Katibeh’s career began at Cingular Wireless, where he held several leadership roles in engineering, marketing, and operations. He was instrumental in developing the company’s first 3G network, which helped establish Cingular as a leader in the mobile telecommunications industry.

Following Cingular’s merger with AT&T, Mo Katibeh played a critical role in the company’s growth and success. He held several executive positions within AT&T, including Vice President of Advanced Solutions and Vice President of Network Planning, Engineering, and Construction.As Chief Product and Platform Officer at AT&T Business, Katibeh is responsible for driving the company’s product development and technology strategy. He oversees a team of engineers and product managers and is focused on developing innovative products and services that meet the evolving needs of businesses.

Under Katibeh’s leadership, AT&T Business has launched several new products and services, including AT&T 5G, a high-speed wireless network that offers faster speeds and lower latency than traditional cellular networks. He has also led the development of new cloud-based solutions, such as AT&T Network Cloud, which provides businesses a more flexible and scalable way to manage their networks.

Throughout his career, Mo Katibeh has been recognized for his contributions to the telecommunications industry. He has received numerous awards, including the Cingular Wireless President’s Club Award, the AT&T Chairman’s Club Award, and the AT&T Leadership Award.

Katibeh’s success is a testament to his leadership skills, business acumen, and technical expertise. He has a proven track record of driving innovation and growth in the telecommunications industry and is widely regarded as a thought leader. As he continues to lead AT&T’s Business into the future, it is clear that his contributions to the industry will be felt for many years.