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While facilitating customers’ transition to cloud communications, Mo Katibeh, a Cisco Systems professional, was tasked not just with helping users navigate the complexity of their changing workflows but also with keeping sensitive information secure. With the security and performance concerns at hand, his team needed technology to help ensure these two attributes reached their full potential.

Mo Katibeh’s Multifaceted RingCentral Role

As part of R&D, applications, and service delivery in the Cisco product and technology portfolio, Katibeh plays a multifaceted role in his company. Tasked with the surprising task of ensuring the security and performance of his cloud-based communications suite, Katibeh had to drive these two key attributes to reach their full potential.

Today, RingCentral provides its customers a combined offering of voice, video, messaging, and collaboration features across multiple platforms. In addition to this function, Katibeh’s team manages security, performance, and user experience (UX).

The multifaceted nature of RingCentral’s services makes Katibeh’s role even more surprising as he is tasked with ensuring that his cloud-based suite fulfills its promise and that sensitive communications are secure.

Mo Katibeh’s multifaceted background ideally positions him to excel in his role as he is capable of designing, developing, and testing multiple products at the same time. Katibeh’s ability to perform in this multifaceted role allows him to communicate with all parties involved and provide a comprehensive solution to any issue in conjunction with RingCentral.

With their customers’ growing collaboration needs, Mo Katibeh plays a crucial role in helping users seamlessly transition between web and mobile platforms. He is responsible for making this transition seamless and ensuring that RingCentral is offering its network a high level of performance.

In addition to his technical expertise,Mo Katibeh background in marketing teaches him how to entertain his customers and inform them of any new features the service offers. Katibeh’s passion for the product allows him to mold the product according to customer feedback.