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Attorney NJ Ayuk is the founder of the Centurion Law Firm and is working hard to make sure that the citizens of Africa the payouts from their natural resources. Because so many oil deals in Africa were set up and executed by brokers and attorneys from other parts of the world, the citizens of Africa had little chance of capitalizing on their natural resources. NJ Ayuk is out to change that.

Learning the Ropes

NJ Ayuk received his first degree in Government from the University of Maryland College Park. He later earned a Law degree at the William Mitchell College of law and eventually an MBA NY Institute of Tech. Understanding the law and how it impacts business, particularly businesses that pay out to the government, is of critical importance in his goals for Africa. As an observer, what Ayuk noted most consistently in the oil and gas industry was that African leaders were not involved in the negotiations when it came to setting up

  • oil contracts
  • land leases
  • long term oil extraction deals

Because the oil industry is volatile in terms of regular payouts, Ayuk knew that he would have to fully understand the markets before the legal structures could successfully support African citizens. As he put his education to work learning the legal and business factors that impact the oil industry, he came to understand how the citizens of Africa were pushed out of the business and what he had to do to bring them back into the circle of profit.

Ayuk understands that there is a great deal to do for the citizens of Africa to benefit from the natural resources being taken from their continent. The oil industry was established with little room at the table for the citizens of Africa. As Ayuk and other African professionals correct old ideas about who should benefit from oil and other such industries, Africa can thrive.

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