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Among the immigration-reductions organizations in the USA, NumbersUSA is one of them and has emerged as a leading advocacy group. The organization has been at the forefront of championing a reduction of immigration numbers. They desire to see a drop skewed towards the historical levels. Roy Beck, a journalist by profession, played a major role in establishing the organization.

Roy Beck based his efforts on the Population and Consumption Task Force findings under President Clinton and the US Commission on Immigration Reform, focused on immigration reforms.

The findings from the two commissions were that there was a need to preserve the existing citizens’ rights. One major step to ensure such preservation was ensuring the right admission of legal immigrants. The traditional numbers have proved sustainable per the current statistics on the effects of immigration policies. The policies have affected both the environment and economic stability. NumbersUSA, however, does not oppose efforts concerning the admission of new immigrants. They are primarily focused on the number of immigrants admitted to the USA.

NumbersUSA has ensured to be professional in their decision making. The organization’s tendency to be non-partisan has contributed to its professionalism. Accommodating members from both political sides has been key in ensuring non-partisanship within its decisions. The organization has also taken a further step to train policymakers regarding immigration and its effects. There has also been an extension of the training initiatives to leaders and the general public.

Their focus during the educative sessions is to ensure that participants get to understand the issues regarding the quality of life and environments affected by excessive levels of immigration. An example is the case of low wage levels for American citizens. With the increased number of poverty-stricken citizens, the companies have taken advantage of that and lowered their wages. As of today, they only poverty of wages with high similarity to poverty wages, as is the case with dry-walling. See this page for more information.


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