OSI Group Is One Of The Catalysts For McDonalds’ International Brand Success

Every company that innovates and builds successful products does so because they have a great supplier of the parts they need to make it happen. The same holds true in the food industry, and one of the suppliers not always credited enough for making it happen is OSI Group. OSI has made it happen for the McDonalds restaurants by delivering some of the tastiest and best prepared meats out of the processing lines of their facilities. OSI Group has been able to distribute in large quantities while minimizing safety risks to their employees, and their mass production capabilities have made the OSI Group McDonalds partnership a sensation in Europe, Asia and all over the globe.

1909 is when OSI Group traces its founding back to, and McDonalds started a couple decades later. OSI was known as Otto & Sons in its early days because a German immigrant who had moved to Chicago known as Otto Kolschowsky had given it that name. It was a butcher shop that was turned into a larger meat market and distribution center over the years, and in the meantime McDonalds had also begun and was building itself into a large restaurant chain. The OSI Group McDonalds alliance was officially formed in 1955 when McDonalds owner Ray Kroc visited the Otto & Sons facility, and he was impressed with their work and asked them to supply those meats for McDonalds. The deal was formally signed not long after, and the OSI Group McDonalds expert team began their growth strategies not long after.

One of the first markets they reached was Germany. It started with one venture in 1978, and then increased into the Netherlands, Spain, the UK and across the continent. Today, the OSI Group McDonalds partnership owns Baho Food and Flagship Europe, two prosperous food suppliers in the region. It was also recently announced that OSI Group had had a new facility built for GenOSI in the Philippines and would be joining Turi Foods for a new venture to expand their footprint in Australia. OSI Group and McDonalds are partnered together beyond just business by also giving back to their communities through a charitable foundations like the Ronald McDonald House Charities.