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Professional Career of Brazilian Businessman Patrick Lucchese

Patrick Lucchese is an experienced professional in the financial services industry. He has worked for many companies, including Ethan Allen, Invest Group, and Rossi Residential. His most recent position is director and partner at Urban Advisors. Patrick Lucchese is a Brazilian businessman who graduated from George Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Patrick went on to earn a master’s degree in Management and System Engineering from the same university.

Patrick Lucchese is Brazil’s preeminent expert in public offerings

Patrick Lucchese is one of Brazil’s leading executives in Initial Public Offerings (IPO). He helped launch URBAN ADVISORS, and the company has already helped to grow several publicly traded companies today. Patrick launched the firm intending to help companies to develop, grow, and achieve their long-term goals.

With several years of experience working in financial markets, Lucchese has a broad range of expertise, including corporate finance, capital market operations, and strategy management. He worked at Bozano Realty for many years as a co-founder, partner, and director, where he was responsible for business strategy. Before this position, he worked as a Brazil Investor at Invest Group, where he focused on the commercial aspects of the Invest Insurance Group, transactions involving Brazilian companies. Patrick is also recognized for his work with Credit Suisse, where he worked as a Regional. His vast experience in the financial market and knowledge of capital markets, mergers, and acquisitions have made him one of Brazil’s most influential businesspeople.


Patrick Lucchese, founder, and CEO of URBAN ADVISORS, is a results-driven senior executive with many years of experience in Investment Banking. He has been directly involved in over 20 IPOs, strategic mergers, acquisitions, private placing, and spin-offs. Lucchese also founded Urban Financial Group, which includes several companies offering financial services such as investment banking, M&A advisory, and wealth management solutions worldwide.

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