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QNET is a global direct selling company well known for its services to the customer. The company first operated in 1998 among the first e-commerce company globally to have embraced technology through e-commerce. A direct selling company is a market that can reach consumers without tools like advertisements, among others.

Being a global business, it has its offices in Asia, Europe, Africa and all across the world. Many micro-enterprises have been created around the globe with the its help. That is because it can assist small businesses with the promotion of products, thus enhancing life.

A good example is a way India has benefited from the QNET business. India recorded annual sales of 2.47 billion, which grew 12.1 % direct sales. Many products in India above half are available to the clients and sourced locally, with the help of this direct sales company. Also, India benefits a lot because of how it inspects the quality of products, such as visual inspection and rigorous testing standards. Overall, it deals with developments in India of health, wellness, and lifestyle products.

There are many other advantages to those who are part of it because they enjoy quality products beyond the local class since the business is global. Also, it provides an opportunity for business growth due to tips on how a company starts. Also, with the its help, the business grows professionally. All those have been made accessible because it offers business opportunities through simple methods. Some of the methods used are buying its products and registering as a distributor. Refer to this video on YouTube, for more information.

Communities in India are now happy with QNET because it has partnered with various organizations such as Lions Club, Children Trust, Department of Nutrition, and Sports Department. Through those partnerships, issues concerning disasters, blood donation awareness, creation of talents through business sports, among others, have been solved.


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