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There has been a growing interest in Europe for real estate as an alternative asset class for the last few years. We also see rising demand from institutional investors and family offices seeking to diversify their portfolios with real assets that offer stable cash flows and tangible returns. This has led to new fund structures and increased attention to asset management best practices.

What is The Raffaele Riva Multi-Family Office?

The Raffaele Riva Multi-Family Office (MFO) is a specialist fund that invests in Europe in commercial real estate and residential properties that generate steady cash flows. Founded in 2013 by Raffaele Riva and Success Aurea Multi-family Group, MFO has been investing in real assets since the early 2000s. The fund focuses on core markets in Western Europe, primarily Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the UK.

A successful angel investor, Raffaele Riva has provided financial backing for numerous entrepreneurs or small startup businesses in exchange for ownership equity in these new companies. An entrepreneur himself, Riva is the President of Aurea Multi-Family Office, a company that he founded.

Why Invest in Real Assets with Asset Classes?

Real assets provide stability in uncertain times. They are tangible, long-term investments that can generate cash flow, provide inflation protection, and help diversify your portfolio. The commercial real estate (CRE) sector is one of the oldest asset classes and offers investors a broad range of investment types and risk profiles.

The Importance of Transparency And Reporting

A fund manager’s ability to navigate uncertainty with confidence and a high level of transparency is critical for the success of any fund. Fund managers should be able to provide insights on several important topics, such as their investment strategy, risks, and investment objectives. Investors should be able to see exactly how the fund makes money, how it is structured, and the risks it faces.

Fund Governance and Fund Liquidity

Fund governance and fund liquidity are important elements of any fund. Investors should look for funds that have independent directors and provide quarterly or semi-annual reports. Liquidity is an important element of any fund and can be crucial if investors need to sell their fund shares. With some funds, investors can redeem their shares at any time. Other funds are closed-end funds that only sell shares to investors periodically.


According to Raffaele Riva, Real Estate is a proven and attractive long-term investment. This makes commercial real estate an attractive investment for all investors, including family offices, PE funds, and other institutional investors. With the growing demand for real assets, we expect competition for deals and fund managers to increase.


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