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Raffaele Riva professional background is in the field of capital markets. He began his professional life in 1995 with a career at Credito Bergamasco S.p.A., ultimately managing its investment bank where he led the initial public offering of Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A..

In 2007, Raffaele Riva joined the family office of Filippo Cattaneo and involved himself in asset management activities, securities trading and portfolio development on behalf of individual clients as well as institutional investors with a focus on hedge funds and international investments from emerging markets strategies to Italy and Europe’s best-performing companies (often outperformance rivaling anywhere from 300% to 600%).

He is the founder and co-owner of TruKore International, an asset manager focused on alternative investing. He is also the founder, president and managing partner of Cattaneo Capital Management (CCM) an investment company, a registered investment advisor with a focus on providing advice in support of investors in a variety of financial markets; alternative investments, private equity and real estate. He is also a member of several committees at ACRI (Association for the Capitalization in Europe) where he helps to promote the alternatives market and consults policymakers as an expert observer.

Since 2007 Raffaele has been actively involved in real estate investments. He made his first investment in 2007 when he acquired Nuovo Banco Ambrosiano S.p.A and in 2010 he became a shareholder of Banca Antonio C.N. with the aim to sell it to private equity funds. In 2015, he purchased the property management company EuroRent, a listed company in Milan, with aims to redevelop the buildings into high-end luxury buildings, again with potential for sale or development of residential apartments as well as commercial real estate businesses.

Raffaele Riva has been actively involved in several areas of asset management and real estate including:

In 2012, together with Alessandro Ronchi, President of Cattaneo Capital Management S.p.A.

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