Randal Nardone: Leading the Fortress Investment Group to a New Chapter

Randal Nardone is currently working as the chief executive officer of the Fortress Investment Group, a company that he co-founded 20 years ago. The Fortress Investment Group is America’s largest private equity firm, and the founders of the company – Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman – all contributed to the growth of their business. They hired additional executives along the way, like Peter Briger and Christopher Linkas, and cooperated bringing the company to a new level of success. As the current chief executive officer of the company, Randal Nardone is making sure that he oversees all of the operational procedures within the company, and helping the departments which are having a hard time working with their assignments.

The co-founders of the Fortress Investment Group worked tirelessly since the day that the company was founded. They needed to invite more people to invest in their company and shared some insights about why investing in their company is a good idea. The co-founders of the company were working back then for a private firm, but they decided to quit their jobs and establish a new company that would bring them a lot of profit. Randal Nardone admitted that the company had a difficult start, but they managed to get through all of their problems by working together and trying to resolve any issues that they have faced, especially concerning the funds from their business partners.

As more investors are developing an interest in the company, the co-founders started to think about how they can earn more. They decided to introduce the company to the New York Stock Exchange and presented its first IPO to be sold to the public. Many people started purchasing shares from the company, eventually selling $600 million worth of shares and stocks. The company even withstood the recession taking place a year after their IPO was introduced, and they kept on attracting larger companies who wanted to do business with them. Randal Nardone and the other executives at the Fortress Investment Group are currently working with the Softbank Group after the wealthy Japanese conglomerate purchased the company for $3 billion.

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