Rebel Wilson Climbing To The Top

If you are a fan of the Pitch Perfect series, then you are sure to love the comedic stylings of Ms. Rebel Wilson. Rebel wasn’t always the quirky comedy starlet we all know and love today; she was once so shy it was almost considered a social disorder. Read more: Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical  and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

After her mother dragged her to a two-hour community acting class one day, Rebel knew she had to break out of her shell. Her high school drama teacher also urged Ms. Wilson to expand her social reach by joining clubs, teams, and other classes that drove her to interact with other students.

Now that she is a famous actress, Rebel credits her teacher for pushing her to break out of her shell and become more comfortable on stage.

Finally Made It

Rebel’s film career started in her homeland of Australia in 2000 when she filmed her first role in the film Pizza. It would take another eight years before rebel would be featured in another movie.

In 2010 she finally decided to hop the pond and test her luck in the United States. After only two days she snagged a deal with a manager and found herself playing in Bridesmaids in 2011. Learn more about Dr Saad Saad: and

Now, Rebel can finally say she has made it to the top as she is starring in her first lead role next year. Around Valentines Day 2019, fans of the golden-haired comedy queen can watch her play Natalie, a woman whose cynical attitude towards romance finds her in a world stuck inside a romantic comedy.

Although not the first, Rebel is one of the very few plus-sized actresses to receive a starring role in a film. So, not only is she a riot to watch on the big screen, but Rebel Wilson is also a fantastic role model for young girls all over the world.

Started From The Bottom

Rebel may seem like she has it all, but she somewhat traditional circumstances as the daughter of beagle breeding parents. Her social skills left her behind as far as social standards were concerned, so she had to strap on a brave face and push herself to overcome her fears.

Rebel took classes at the Australian Theatre for Young People and spent a year in South Africa as a youth ambassador when she was 17. So, she put in her time when it comes to pushing herself outside of her comfort zone.

Remembers Where She Came From

One of the most notable things about Rebel Wilson is that she gives back to the next generation of actors and actresses by funding scholarships that will help them progress in the field.

When Rebel was a student at the Australian Theatre for Young People, she received the scholarship funded by Nicole Kidman which helped her immensely. So, as a successful actress, she recognizes the importance of extending a helping hand to students trying to succeed. Rebel also supports a Tanzanian school where she once lived in South Africa as a youth ambassador when she was 17.