Ronald Fowlkes: Tactical Defense Instructor Turned Manager

Ronald Fowlkes is a war veteran turned business development manager, who used his skills and expertise in tactical defense to get the managerial position at Eagle Industries Unlimited. Eagle Industries Unlimited is recognized internationally as one of the leading producers and manufacturers of tactical gears. The company has been supplying their products to several governments, including that of the United States. Ronald Fowlkes joined the Eagle Industries Unlimited in July 2008, and since then, he used his knowledge about tactical defense to guide his colleagues on how they can create the perfect gears for battle. He is teaching them how the gears should work, giving his colleagues an idea on how to design and create the final product. Ronald Fowlkes was designated in the law enforcement department and the commercial products department of the company, and he was given the responsibility to build relationships with the company’s clients and customers, as well as supervise the production team to make sure that they are creating quality products.


Before joining Eagle Industries Unlimited, Ronald Fowlkes worked with the military. He was deployed in the Middle East during his first few years in the military, and he was recognized as a Gulf War veteran by the United States government. He has to come back to the Middle East during the early 2000s to assist his fellow soldiers. He was teaching tactical defenses to the soldiers who were deployed in Iraq, and he was also instructing them on how to use tactical gears against their enemies. After the war, Ronald Fowlkes decided to go back to the United States looking after his family.


The contributions of Ronald Fowlkes to the success of Eagle Industries Unlimited are astounding. He used his experiences in the military and the police to demonstrate how the tactical gears sold by his company worked. Because of his persuasion, the company also managed to gather more partnership contracts around the world. This sent the company to their pedestal, because of the demand that kept on rising. Ronald Fowlkes hopes that more people would understand the importance of having installing tactical gears before someone goes to the warzone or an area of concern. Tactical gears are proven to be an effective way of protecting one’s self, and it is extremely helpful for many military personnel who are fighting in a war.


Ronald Fowlkes is currently based in the city of St. Louis, Missouri, and he is also looking after his children. During the weekend, Ronald Fowlkes loves to hang out with his family, and he also works part time as a sport instructor. He wanted to live a normal life after a hectic week at the corporate office, and going back to his family, according to Ronald Fowlkes, is one of the greatest feeling ever.