Roseanne Barnett’s Telemedicine Focuses On Increasing Access To Mental Therapy

Family therapist, Roseann Barnett who is also the cofounder of Center for Treatment and Assessment has shifted her attention to help persons in need in the society. As a holder of a Master of Arts degree in marital and family therapy, she has put more emphasis on projects initiated under the Center for Treatment and Assessment. Much of her projects are endeavored to help families struggling with mental health issues.


Roseann Bennett Looks At The Future of Therapy, and part of her initiative is to ensure that mental health care is accessible to all persons, especially those who live under financial constraints. This way, Roseann Bennet said desperate families would be accessible to all persons, thus eliminating disparities.


Her incentives as outlined in most of her initiatives are encased within the need to utilize telemedicine in the provision of healthcare services. Whereas she has been a strong advocate of the concept of using modernized communication technologies such as emails, texts and Skype, Roseann Bennet has been careful not to overemphasize them as they cannot be used as a complete replacement of patient-physician interactions.


Her use of telemedicine options in provision of therapy services to patients is mainly because it is much cheaper for the financially challenged patients. It also makes the concept of provision of mental healthcare services available to more patients especially those who are far away. Visit This Page to view article source.


Roseann’s approach to healthcare services is however highly prone to error, especially given the fact that the physician is not physically present to conduct actual evaluations on the patient. However, with the idea being embraced by an increasing number of practitioners, it is highly likely to create buzz in the healthcare industry as by Roseann Barnett.


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