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Tom Keane is a British-American business executive and entrepreneur. He co-founded Keane Associates, a global management consulting firm, and has been a Microsoft board member since 2016. Tom Keane has been instrumental in the growth and success of Microsoft Corporation. As Board Director, he provides strategic guidance and insights to help Microsoft remain a world leader in technology innovation.


His Achievements


Tom Keane is a senior figure at Microsoft and has been instrumental in the company’s success over the years. He started at Microsoft in 1992 and has since held several high-ranking positions within the company.

Tom Keane and the Power of Azure in Space Development

He was recently promoted to corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud Enterprise group. In this role, he oversees the development and delivery of Microsoft’s cloud computing platforms, services, and enterprise software products. Tom Keane has been a key driver of Microsoft’s shift to cloud computing, and under his leadership, the company’s cloud business has seen significant growth.


Microsoft’s Azure platform is now one of the leading cloud computing platforms in the world, and its adoption by enterprises has been accelerating. The cloud services engineer has played a major role in developing and launching several other successful products and services at Microsoft, including SQL Server, Windows Server, System Center, and Visual Studio.


Tom Keating’s career at Microsoft has been anything but ordinary. From coding to leading product teams, he has worked diligently on various projects at Microsoft and outside. The software developer is an excellent example of hard work paying off and inspiring anyone looking to make a mark in technology. Tom Keane´s passion for software development is evident as he continues to inspire even more people with his success.