Brian McDaniel

Aspire to Inspire

“Creativity is a muscle,” says Songwriter Margie Hauser, a multi-published songwriter who’s worked with artists like Katy Perry, Leona Lewis, and Counting Crows. “It’s important to not just wait for the muse to strike before you write. You can apply pressure on your creative muscles by doing things like going for walks or making lists. I have a big list I put together every morning, and it keeps me from being distracted.”

Born and raised in North Carolina, Songwriter Margie Hauser moved to Los Angeles in 1985 to begin her professional songwriting career. Her commercial credits on television include Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. In addition to writing songs for television, movies, video games, and commercials, she’s also released numerous albums of her own music.

“When I meet an artist who’s ready to make the jump from recording to songwriting and performing, I always tell them that the most important thing is to never stop writing. It’s all about keeping your eyes on the prize. If that means you have to do things like play open mics and go to the dog park all day, then do it. The worst thing you can do is stop practicing your craft.”

When asked about the state of music today, Margie Hauser is both optimistic and skeptical. “I think we’re in a wonderful time. There are more tools out there than ever before, but it’s hard to sift through all the clutter to find what’s really great.”

“It’s easy for artists to get caught up in making a living and forgetting about the music side of things. I like to meet with artists every few months and make them play me some new songs. We just talk about what’s going on in their lives and write whatever comes out of us. I have a songwriting studio at home, so we’ll usually sit down for an hour or two and see what happens. It’s important that people don’t think about it as work, so I try never to charge them for these sessions. Sometimes the best writing sessions are the ones where you don’t plan ahead.