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Having an excellent track record among brands has allowed Steve Lesnard to catapult Sephora as its Global Chief Brand Officer. Not only that, but his experience among different brands will now allow him to globalize the Sephora brand by using omni channels. Below, we discuss the way Lesnard´s career has shifted and the way it now focuses on the Sephora brand.

Steve Lesnard, The North Face CMO and Global VP of Product Creation, Goal of Expanding The North Face Into More Demographics | The American Reporter

Steve Lesnard´s Career Transition

From the outside, the transition that Lesnard made towards beauty may seem like a crazy idea since his career centered around athletics. However, when it comes to brand marketing, Lesnard had no problem making the transition because of many reasons. He saw many reasons for the change while working with several global outdoor and athletic brands.

The North Face's Steve Lesnard Joins GaryVee on the first #MarketingForTheNow of 2021! - YouTube

The main reason for Sephora was from the amount that Lesnard was impressed by the brand´s ambition and reach. At one pointLesnard explained the reputation of Sephora as being a disruptor and innovator, which was attractive for him. Plus, Lesnard believes that Sephora is a beauty retailer that has more ambition than any other known beauty retailer.

By holding many shared values with the Sephora brand, he was able to easily decide if Sephora was a perfect brand to work with. Lesnard believes that values are everything and the work that Lesnard provides lies true to that belief. Which was the guiding light for him to work with Sephora. Not only that, but the outlook towards inclusion, sustainability, diversity, and sustainability were able to provide a resonation toward Sephora’s top Brand officer, Steve Lesnard.

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