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Aspire to Inspire

Many people have big dreams of fame, fortune, and glory, but not everyone has enough opportunities to bring those dreams to fruition. In fact, those who participate in disabled sports have been stripped of much-needed funds to keep playing. But Sudhir Choudhrie wants everyone to understand how important it is for Paralympians to keep pursuing their aspirations.

More Than Just a Sport

While entrepreneur Sudhir Choudhrie doesn’t have a particular interest in wheelchair rugby, he does feel inspired by Paralympians. Indeed, he feels empathetic toward those less fortunate than himself. For example, sports give disabled people an outlet to forget about their problems.

They have the opportunity to focus on something positive that takes them out of their comfort zones and into the limelight. Although sports such as wheelchair rugby are fun to play and watch, it’s more about the meaning and purpose behind playing the game for Paralympians than anything.

Disabled People Deserve Funds

Choudhrie feels that Paralympians have enough problems without having their sports funds taken away. Every day they suffer the hardships of being disabled and feeling unhappy. They need sports to boost their moods so they can enjoy some extra happiness on a regular basis.

Since they’re not always able to earn much money on their own, they need and deserve charity funds. Despite the fact that people don’t always understand their struggles, everyone can learn to have more empathy for disabled people. After all, dreams are worth pursuing for Paralympians because they give them hope for the future and an overall better outlook on life.

About Sudhir Choudhrie

Sudhir Choudhrie has had significant involvement in philanthropy, international commerce, politics, and diplomacy. He currently lives in the UK but was born in India. He’s a successful businessman who has a wife named Anita and two children.

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