Sunday Riley: The Woman, The Brand, The Vision

Have you ever had an idea or a passion that you knew could change the world and change the way that people live their lives? If you have, you are in good company. Sunday Riley had some ideas of her own of how she could impact the world. Although timing plays a huge role in success, persistence and tenacity are just as important.

Sunday Riley grew up in Austin, Texas. Given the interesting name of Sunday by her father and being the only child among her peers with such a unique name, the Texas resident had an interesting childhood. As she grew older, she would discover her passion for all things skin care and beauty and would begin to formulate and develop her very own cosmetics.

Her first makeup line didn’t do so well. Sure, it had all of the staples that women needed for a totally beat face. The line contained lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, and powders. However, it didn’t have one crucial thing: timing.

Sunday Riley decided that her cosmetics line wasn’t doing so well simply because it wasn’t the right time for it. 2011 was a good year, but it wasn’t her year. It wasn’t her time, so she did what all good entrepreneurs do: she regrouped.

Riley saw that she didn’t need to completely lose the vision for her company. All that was needed was more time and more work. Thanks to her tough skin and ability to remain emotionally disconnected from her products, the founder of the cult beauty brand was able to eliminate every product that was not performing well. Today, she still removes products from her lineup that cease to do as well as they once did.

Riley believes in her products so deeply that she uses them, herself. Many of them, including Tidal, Luna, Good Genes, and Juno are staples in her beauty regimen. Juno can be used on so many areas, in fact, that Riley keeps it in her purse! She likes to have it on hand whenever she may need it, even if that need arises when she’s on an airplane thousands of feet in the sky!