Talk Fusion: Innovators in Communication Techonology

Talk Fusion is a communication technology company that provides communication solutions to businesses. The company provides six different communication opportunities with three different pricing structures to their customers. Talk Fusion has the added value of providing the opportunity for individuals to become a Talk Fusion Associate.

Talk Fusion offers WebRTC, which is real-time communication technology through a web browser. This technology provides better audio and visual quality. WebRTC works seamlessly with different devices. With a web browser and internet connection, there is no need for software, downloads, or plug-in making the product user-friendly and cost-effective.

Video Emails and Video Newsletters are two more products offered by Talk Fusion. Both products have simple customization, a variety of templates, and a simple process for adding video content. The products, also, include analytics and reports to track the effectiveness of the marketing.

Talk Fusion, also, provides Live Meetings. With a simple set-up solution, the product operates through a browser or application with no plug-ins or downloads. Create webinars, host meetings, or conferences with high-quality visuals and sound.

Video Chat capabilities are available through Talk Fusion. Users can chat anywhere with anyone on any device. Users can video chat, audio call, or message through this product. Face-to-face chat can be held with up to eight video chatters. Share files, photos, videos, and more securely during the chat, and save the history from the chat for future use.

Talk Fusion even offers Sign-Up Forms with automatic video messaging. Use this product to build a mailing list and build customer leads. Sign-Up Forms will show real-time analytics to update businesses on serious leads versus occasional viewers.

There are three different pricing levels for the services at Talk Fusion. Each level has an upfront, one-time cost with an additional monthly cost. Storage is available at all three levels, but more storage is provided with the higher price levels.

Talk Fusion offers business opportunities to individuals who would like to invest in the Talk Fusion products and become a Talk Fusion Associate. For those interested, there are three daily live presentations to learn more about the business opportunities with Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is an innovative company looking to disrupt the communication industry with the latest technology in video marketing and communication. Learn more: