Ted Bauman: Keeping Your Assets Safe

As a result of the recent initiation of a trade war between the United States and China, there are many individuals who are worried that this could end the record-setting bull market that we have been experiencing for nearly 8 years. Ted Bauman has some great investment advice for investors on how to thrive in harsh economic conditions. He is an expert on asset protection and is well known for publishing several investment advice columns through the Banyan Hill Publishing Company.Ted Bauman has characterized his investment strategies as specializing in the area of asset protection which makes him the perfect figure to get some investment advice in the face of growing uncertainty about the economic future of the United States.

Ted Bauman recommends that people who have excess assets should begin to remove them from traditional financial institutions in order to safeguard them from a potential worst-case scenario.Ted Bauman states that a wise individual would invest in a safe or lockbox that is both fireproof and waterproof in order to store valuable assets at home. In particular, you should look for one that can be bolted down to the floor in order to prevent potential theft.Another place that you could store valuables is at a safe deposit box in your local bank. There are a few downsides to this, however. Assets that are stored in a safe deposit box are not insured by the FDIC so if you wish to keep your valuables insured you will have to purchase insurance for them.

In order to truly safeguard your financial assets, you should look for an independent vault in the United States or even one in a foreign country that is safe from governmental oversight such as Switzerland. Independent vault companies are not required to follow the same regulations that banks are. In the United States banks must provide client information to the government. Any individual that is looking keep their personal information safe should look into the options that are provided by independent vault corporations. You can also look for an independent vault corporation in a foreign country for an additional layer of security according to Ted Bauman.