The Charitable of Victoria Doramus

Victoria Doramus is a trends specialist. Her popularity as a trends expert is attributed to her ability to come up with creative solutions. She is well experienced in areas such as team building and lifestyle and content branding. Doramus is also knowledgeable about documenting, identifying, and researching trends in numerous industries. Doramus has also been coming up with solutions to creative and marketing problems. At the moment, Victoria Doramus is also indulging in various charitable acts that are meant to better the lives of many individuals in the society.

Since 2016, Victoria Doramus has been helping out many individuals by engaging in charitable activities. To better people’s lives in the society, Victoria Doramus has partnered with various nonprofit organizations. As an individual who has been through alcohol and drug addiction, Victoria Doramus has been working with organizations such as the Amy Winehouse Foundation. After recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, Doramus became a recovery expert. Following the death of Amy Winehouse in 2011, her father formed a nonprofit organization to ensure that the youth access the necessary help required. The Amy Winehouse Foundation has been informing young people about the problems that arise when a person misuses drugs and alcohol. They are also issued the support that they need to overcome addiction.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation has been indulging in various projects such as the Amy’s Yard, a program that entails offering some assistance to aspiring artists between that age of 18 and 25 years. The disadvantaged enroll in a 12-week program that involves helping young individuals to discover their talents. They also gain more knowledge about the music industry and how to cope with the challenges of life. Additionally, the Amy Winehouse Foundation operates Amy’s Place where women suffering from alcohol and drug addiction are accommodated. Since Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert, she has positively impacted the lives of many young people through the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Because many people in the world lack access to basic needs such as access to education, Victoria Doramus has also partnered with the room to read foundation. The room to read foundation is dedicated to ensuring that all the individuals from disadvantaged background have access to education. The foundation has also been improving the literacy levels of the individuals in the society.