The Life Of An Emergency Room Doctor

An emergency room might just be the most challenging medical environment of all to work in. When you are working in an emergency room you really never know what is going to come through the door. It could be anything from a simple cut to a life-threatening situation. It might even be something horrific like a gunshot victim or a person who has been stabbed.


In such an environment, it takes a seasoned professional to manage the never ending train wreck that is an ER. When I say that it is a never ending train wreck, I do not mean that to disparage those who work there. Their job is to manage this never ending train wreck, and it is a hard job indeed. Not to mention that there is at least some possibility of an ER doctor having to deal with a literal train wreck as well.


One doctor that has become very well known for their ability to manage what is a very hectic environment with professionalism and grace is Eric M. Forsthoefel. As far as Florida is concerned, he is considered one of the best. He graduated from the University of Louisville Medical School in 2009, and also graduated from the University of Shreveport School Of Medicine in 2012 followed by a residency at Louisiana State University which he also completed. Dr. Forsthoefel has been primarily practicing emergency medicine ever since. He is currently based in Tallahassee, at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital


Dr. Forsthoefel has always specialized in critical care. This means that he is the person you call when the situation is at its worst. Life threatening conditions like heart attacks, overdoses, and massive wounds that would normally cause people to bleed to death are his daily routine. He is certified in emergency medicine in multiple states.


Perhaps the thing that sets Dr. Forsthoefel apart is the expert care and attention to detail that many of his patients have described. When you are in an environment where everyone needs your help right away, this cannot be an easy thing to achieve. Professionalism and courtesy are the main traits that distinguish the standouts in this field.