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Businesses often have the resources to positively impact society, and they need to do so. One example is Haroldo Jacobovicz, a member of the Board of Directors of Horizons Telecom. Through his philanthropic work, he has been able to improve access to education in Curitiba by providing scholarships and helping build schools. This is one example of how philanthropy in business can be beneficial. Let’s look at other ways businesses can use their resources to make a difference in the world.

The Benefits of Philanthropy

Philanthropic efforts can have numerous benefits for businesses and those they are helping. For example, when companies donate their money or time, it helps raise awareness about social issues and puts pressure on other companies to follow suit. It also lets customers know that the company cares about more than just making money. Additionally, giving back can help boost employee morale as it allows employees to contribute in meaningful ways towards causes, they believe in.

Using Resources Effectively

Companies need to use their resources effectively when it comes to philanthropy in business. Companies should focus on areas where they can have the most impact with their donations or volunteer hours. For example, suppose a company specializes in software development or IT services.

In that case, it could focus on providing technology-based solutions to underserved communities or donating software licenses to charities that need them. By using what they know best, companies can ensure that their donations will be put to good use.

Haroldo Jacobovicz is just one example of how philanthropy in business can benefit both businesses and society. By Initiating different philanthropic efforts in Curitiba, Haroldo Jacobovicz was able to help improve access to education in the city and made a lasting impact on its people to know more click here.