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RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, is one of the most powerful and effective organizations fighting for survivors of sexual assault. Founded in 1994 by Scott Berkowitz, RAINN has helped over four million people through its various initiatives, including the Safe Helpline for military and civilian survivors. The organization’s commitment to education and advocacy has made it a leader in the fight against sexual violence.

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RAINN’s Mission & Legacy

At its core, RAINN seeks to provide support and resources to individuals who have experienced sexual violence. The organization works with more than 1,000 local sexual assault service providers nationwide to ensure survivors receive the help they need. This service includes 24/7 support through its hotline (1-800-656-HOPE) and online chat services ( Additionally, RAINN advocates for victims at local and national levels by partnering with lawmakers to create meaningful change.

The Safe Helpline

One of RAINN’s most important initiatives is the Safe Helpline for Military and Civilian Survivors. This free service provides confidential crisis counseling and referrals for long-term support for anyone affected by sexual assault—regardless of gender identity or orientation. Through Safe Helpline, counselors can provide anonymous emotional support and direct individuals towards resources such as medical care, legal assistance, counseling/therapy options, education programs, and more.

RAINN on Harvey Weinstein Verdicts

In recent years RAINN has become increasingly vocal on issues related to sexual abuse and assault—most notably during the Harvey Weinstein trial, where it released numerous statements in response to verdicts handed down by the jury. In one statement released after Weinstein’s conviction on two counts of rape in 2020, RAINN President Scott Berkowitz said, “Despite today’s outcome, we know that justice can be painfully slow—too slow for many survivors whose lives were forever changed but never received their day in court.” He added, “we thank all those whose courage made this moment possible.”

An Essential Organization

RAINN is an essential part of any conversation surrounding sexual abuse and assault prevention thanks to its unwavering commitment to supporting trauma survivors and its dedication to educating individuals about these issues. Its mission goes beyond just providing resources; it seeks to create real systemic change within our society so that everyone can live without fear or shame regarding their sexuality or gender identity—a goal worth fighting, for now, more than ever. Whether you are a survivor or an ally looking for ways to contribute your time or money towards this cause, there are plenty of ways to get involved with RAINN today!