The Rags to Riches Story of the Anti-Guru, Jim Toner

With an experience of more than a quarter of a century on the real estate market, Jim Toner is a successful investor and serial entrepreneur. He is also a radio show host, speaker, and author, but focuses his effort primarily in being a real estate investor.

He graduated high school in 1980, but wasn’t settled on a career path, unsure about what he was meant to do, until he discovered his entrepreneurial spirit. Being the son of a steel worker, Jim Toner, a real estate investor, was no stranger to hard work, holding various jobs since a young age. He worked as a personal fitness trainer, bartender, as well as working in a bank, but things weren’t working out until he read Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. An act which he declares changed his life.

He worked with a mentor for a short period of time until he gained enough experience in the industry. The first deal he did on his own was with a house close to the apartment he was living in at that time. He managed to find investors, and though he notes that he was ripped off in the process, he still made enough profit to consider his first solo deal a success.A series of misfortunes in his career made him walk away from the real estate business for a brief period of time. He worked with business owners, as well as entrepreneurs on how to increase their business, and also wrote the book “Send in the Wolves”, which became number 1 on Amazon.

He (@thejimtoner) returned to the real estate business after deciding on better strategies suited for him, as the experience he gained throughout the years made him understand the industry better. His conditions to returning to the business were carefully picking out the market he was going to operate in, and then recruit the best local investor in that given town. He started out in Akron, Ohio, which he considered to be an underrated market.

He founded Wolf Business Group in 2017, and through his vast knowledge of the field, and the ability to assemble a team of experts to surround himself with, he aims to implement his system and continue developing in the real estate market. Their mission is to build a portfolio in every city they operate in, and turn their business into the best real estate investment company in the world.

Jim Toner’s real estate strategies also brought him attention from the media. He made appearances on CNN and FOX, among other networks, and he appeared in numerous publications throughout the country. While he also dedicates his time helping people get started in the industry, he is adamant in his dislike of ‘gurus’, labeling himself as ‘The Anti-Guru’.

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