The Rise Of McDonald And OSI Industries

OSI industries has experienced an astronomical growth since the start of the millennium, and David McDonald career has also advanced. In his three-decade at the industry, McDonald has climbed the leadership ladder from a post of the project manager to become the chief operating officer and the president of OSI industries.

OSI industries has become a leader in food industries globally, from its humble beginning as a neighborhood butchery which was operated by a German immigrant in Chicago at the beginning of the twentieth century. The company fortune increased when it became one of the significant meet suppliers to the Macdonald chain of restaurant, before graduating to the chains cooperate global supplier. Within the last quarter of the century, the OSI industry has entered into new ventures in the United States and globally.

The company’s president is an Animal Science Graduate of Iowa State University, where he also got the Wallace E Barron award which is recognition to outstanding academic achievements and high character display.

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McDonald entered modern food processing from the supply chain, and currently heads one of the most prominent private businesses. However, he has not forgotten the Iowa community, as he is actively involved in the University agriculture initiatives. Besides, he donates generously to Alpha Gamma Rho scholarships.

McDonald organizes internship opportunities for Iowa University student at OSI industries. He was awarded the 2004 university alumni award for the recognition of his activities in the alumni association. McDonald was also the lucky winner of the Iowa University Foundation best-emerging philanthropist award.

Currently, the OSI group operates internationally with extensive and diversified operations. The company has operations in 17 countries, and has employed more than 20,000 employees in its 65 facilities. OSI industry was ranked position 58 in 2016 Forbes list as the most prominent private enterprise in the United States.

The current president, David McDonald has played a significant role in the expansion of company’s operations in China as well as the acquisition of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. The former was a Dutch producer of deli meats and snacks for the European market while the later was supplying high-quality bespoke product.