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Nomad Internet is an operation that has developed a trusted reputation as an internet service provider to United States communities that are located in rural areas. It recently announced the introduction of a new service called the Nomad Air Rental Kiosk.

Nomad Internet’s innovative service offering is focused on allowing travelers and those who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors to be able to conveniently access high-speed internet. The service takes on the form of a self-serve kiosk. It allows Nomad Internet customers to rent access to high-speed internet while they are at locations such as sporting stores, RV parks, and travel centers, among others. The service can be rented for as short a time as one hour and for up to one week.

The primary goal of the business model at Nomad Internet has always been to provide customers with access to high-speed internet wherever they currently need it. The company’s co-founder Jessica Garza has noted that this is a key factor behind the launch of the Air Rental Kiosk Program.

The company’s leadership expects that it will be utilized by those who want to find ways to stay connected while they are on the road or enjoying parts of the outdoors that are away from the rest of the world. For these individuals, it will be a point of added convenience to be able to access a reliable, high-speed connection while they are on the go.

Nomad Internet is looking at being able to offer these convenient kiosks at a variety of locations across the USA soon. The process for using them will be easy for customers. It is as simple as going to a kiosk location, choosing the duration of the rental needed, and then paying. Payments can be made using credit cards. They can also be made through Apple Pay. Visit this page on LinkedIn, to learn more.


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