The things you should tell your clients about social security-David Giertz

There is nothing that is more heartbreaking than seeing pensioners who have worked hard all their lives having to struggle to make ends meet. While there are some that might have landed in that situation because they did not plan well for their sunset years, there are others that work hard, but make mistakes out of ignorance and lose on the maximum benefits that they deserve. David Giertz, a president at the Nationwide Financial sales organization, is speaking out about the importance of having financial advisors who tell their clients all they need to know about the social security benefits at

In an interview that he did with the wall street journal, David Giertz talked about some figures that his company had collected after interviewing a sample of pensioners about their social security benefits. First, he stated that a third of all the retirees were receiving less than they expected they would be receiving. When asked why this was happening, Giertz explained that most people did not have any idea what factors affected the amount they receive as compensation on He said that up to 86 percent of the people had no idea what led to them receiving the amount they did.

The other factor that he felt complicated issues was that advisors find the topic tedious on The fact that 2,700 rules are surrounding the administration of the benefits doesn’t make the work of explaining any simpler.

About David Giertz

David Giertz has worked in the financial markets for the past 31 years. He was appointed to the position of senior vice president-nationwide financial distribution and sales at the Nationwide Life Insurance Company in 2013. David had worked in several other positions of power before his appointment to the current position. He has an office at the One Nationwide Plaza in Columbus Ohio. David is also FINRA certified stocks trader.

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