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Social media is an essential part of our lives now. It is used for everything from keeping in touch with family to obtaining professional insight and information. However, this has not always been so. There have been some major changes in the way we use social media, and it is time to take note of these changes.


Jason Hope, a futurist championing tech advancement believes that the evolution of social media is not something to be taken lightly, especially for business owners. In fact, he has noted a few notable transformations in the way these platforms are used by people as Jason Hope explains. Below is the gist of three changes in social media.


  1. Businesses are now using social media as a tool to actively engage their users


This is perhaps one of the major changes in how we use social media. In past times, people would simply look at these platforms to get an update or to network with friends. The purpose of these sites was purely social in nature. Hence, it was not so relevant for businesses to use these sites to build strong communities and reach out to potential clients. However, with time, brands have started using social media as a tool for business growth, notes Jason Hope. 


They set up official pages on Facebook, Pinterest and many other social media platforms to connect with their target industries. They do this by sharing insights, links to websites or blogs, pictures of their business and so forth.


  1. Most users now use mobile devices


According to Jason Hope, this is a major change as it has meant that people are always on social media, even while they are out and about. They no longer have to sit at their desktops or laptops to engage with their networks or scroll through their feeds. 

Jason Hope Predicts the Internet Revolution

Users can now log in to these sites from the mobile app or even their smartphones, making it a truly mobile experience. The implications of this change have definitely had an impact on the businesses that use these platforms. Businesses have had to change their campaign plans, tactics and strategies to target mobile users. Jason Hope is a business expert that has had huge success while adapting to the new trends on consumer behavior.


  1. New added features and functions to keep their audience entertained

Social media platform creators have now become more creative with how they help their users engage. For Jason Hope, besides simply meeting the necessity of maintaining a social presence, these platforms are now providing their users with added entertainment options to make their experience more memorable.