Ties that Bind: Hussain Sajwani’s Relationship with Donald Trump Questioned

Hussain Sajwani, chairman, CEO, and founder of the DAMAC Properties Group is a determined businessman, a father a close friend of the incumbent president of the US, Donald Trump. Even before the swearing in ceremony of the Republican, there were valid concerns about how Trump would be able to separate his complex professional relationships with tycoons all over the world from his presidency. Some people were of the thought and opinion that the leader of the free world would use his powerful position to consolidate further and grow his empire.

Mar-a-Lago Resort

Known for his flamboyant ways, Donald Trump held a high-profile event to usher in 2017 at his lavish Mar-a-Lago resort and residence in Florida. Speaking after the wining and dining, the CIC had a bunch of sincere compliments to dish out to his billionaire investor friends from the Middle East, Russia and the four corners of the globe as well.

Influential Arabs

He termed the Hussain’s as some of the most beautiful people he’d known and worked with while acknowledging the presence of the entire Sajwani family at the event. It’s notable stating that the duo, Trump, and Sajwani, recently put the finishing touches on their joint construction project situated in the heart of Dubai.

Kellyanne Conway Responds

According to the political lawyer Ken Gross, Trump is having difficulties separating his personal life from his functional roles. Coming to his boss’s defense as always, Kellyanne Conway, asked the press what was wrong with a man having over his close buddies to usher in the New Year? All in all, Trump rubbished and downplayed the allegations about his disentangled interests aptly remarking ‘it’s actually a very simple situation,’ and not a big deal as the media made it look.

About Hussain Sajwani

Hussain scores a perfect ten-out-of-ten score for being a self-made billionaire. As a young man, he ran a food and catering business in the UAE. Back then, his number one clients were the US Army staff stationed at his country awaiting deployment to Iraq as the First Gulf War raged on. Hussain, 61, floated the shares of his conglomerate, DAMAC on the London Stock Exchange in 2013. The IPO surpassed expectations, and it made Mr. Sajwani a couple of billions richer on the Forbes Listings. Sajwani has steered the company in the direction of philanthropy and CSR. Today, his company supports several charitable courses in the region.