Brian McDaniel

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The future of surgery is here, and it’s all thanks to the hard work of Tim Murawski. A leader in the business world who specializes in biotechnology, the businessman brings a unique point of view to the medical field. By using a breakthrough technology that many view as the basis for playing games, Tim Murawski brings augmented reality into the world of medicine.


In years past, doctors had to rely on images gathered by x-rays, CAT scans and MRI machines. However, while in surgery where focus and attention to detail is vital, having to look between the images and the patient could cause fatal medical errors to occur. With the introduction of virtual reality, as Tim Murawski explains, doctors can perform surgery using robotics while never losing focus on the patient by having to review images. 


The images gathered are compiled by the wearable device so that the surgeon can have the ability to see where the issue is, and perform the needed procedure. This Chicago native saw the need for the medical professionals to be able to perform their job effectively (Bizjournals).

Tim Murawski took the initiative to ensure that patients and their medical needs are being effectively taken care of. In 2008, after spending nearly 30 years providing much needed medical devices to hospitals and doctors, he branched to the world of medical robotics, starting the path of providing these needed aides to the world of surgery. After many years of helping the medical field, Tim Murawski brings new life to medicine.