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IM Academy is a digital school that functions through its internet site; the website is the chief online existence for the forex organization; the site is also where the company’s customers and independent business owners access their information through a safe login. Anyone interested in learning about the foreign exchange market should join the IM school for training. The facility offers online classes, categorized into units called academies, as listed below.

FRX Academy

When you join the Academy, the first class you are taken is the FRX Academy class. The course teaches the students the basics of forex trading; here, the students are guided through videos and live interactions. Students are expected to learn through 76 videos that teach different topics.

Risk administration development

What is Forex

Understanding the stop loss

Forex history

How forex is traded

HFX Academy

This is the high-frequency exchange class. The students in the class are taught what high-frequency exchange is all about and the type of study. IM Academy has structured the HFX just like FRX. The students go through 95 videos.

DCX Academy

Students are taught the fundamentals of digital currency exchange. Students learn about the types of digital currency and how they can trade.

EXC Academy

IM Academy teaches students about e-commerce and how they can manage an online business. The class teaches the students on different topics that, include:

Overview to e-commerce

The ins and outs of trading online

Different types of business options

Online marketing and promotion

How to do business online

IM Academy does business by teaching its students online. The online business is an added advantage because it has helped the organization save on real estate and hire expertise from all over the world. The founders of the academy, Terry and Isis, have been able to manage the company, and since its launch, it has continued to expand. Kindly refer to this page for more information about IM Academy.


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