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Hughes Marino is a property and leasing company that has come up with various lease administration practices to make the management process even more convenient. While everyone previously used Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, the representation firm believes there are better platforms for monitoring a property lease company. For starters, Excel cannot track all the essential lease details. 


It is also a passive storage system, which only works when one remembers to access the files and make the updates as Hughes Marino states. Excel might also not be the best option when tracking details from large leases from various properties. This is because it could be more than eighty pages, and this will not necessarily work when you are in a hurry.


The Best Alternatives to Microsoft Excel


While Excel is such an instrumental tool, it is crucial to understand that it is not always effective in lease administration tasks. It can lead one to make costly business mistakes that need timely monitoring. As such, administrators must develop better ways and methods to track the lease administration processes. This is why Hughes Marino has developed a new Portfolio Lease Administration & Advisory (PLA) system to help clients better manage their leases.


How the Portfolio Lease Administration & Advisory (PLA) Works


The PLA acquires details from the client’s leases by identifying and capturing the most important clauses and lease sections. Hughes Marino explains that it makes the information quickly accessible and searchable. As such, one doesn’t spend hours finding information.


It also uploads the lease to a safe and secure cloud while keeping all the key reminders and dates as required. When working with Hughes Marino, you will not miss any details regarding the dates, penalties, and crucial T&Cs. Being a trusted provider, the system is timely and only provides accurate information to help you with the lease administration tasks. It is a seamless lease administration process.