Vinod Gupta Is A Successful Entrepreneur Who Built A Business Around An Underserved Market

Vinod Gupta is a self-made, successful entrepreneur and businessman who took a $100 loan from the bank and turned it into a company that he eventually sold for $680 million.


Vinod Gupta took that money and created the Everest Group, which is a family-run business that focuses on providing venture capital to database tech companies. Gupta takes a lot of his profits and gives back to a variety of causes that he is passionate about, and one of these causes is education. In India, where he was born, he built a girls’ school as well as 2 other schools and has also put together many different fellowships for aspiring students.


Vinod Gupta got started in the business world by doing what exactly what a successful entrepreneur should do. He discovered a niche market that needed servicing and got to work providing the service it was in desperate need of. This service was lists and databases, and he became interested in this sector after putting together a comprehensive list of national businesses in the mobile home manufacturing industry. He quickly discovered that other businesses desired these kinds of lists, and he got to work marketing his business and giving them what they wanted. View Additional Info Here.


Vinod Gupta expects that opportunities in his niche will continue to be there as artificial intelligence expands into different industries. He is curious to see what the future will bring in the sector and believes that more real-time information and data will be available to those who need it. Vinod Gupta is focused and on-task with growing his company on a daily basis, and he does his best to not become involved with internal politics or anything that can sway him from paying attention to the bottom line and what needs to be done. He is happy to have a skilled team working with him and expects great things in the future.


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