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The world of philanthropy has been developing as billionaires sign the Giving Pledge. Wayne von Borstel has been looking to increase his charitable works for decades. The focus of the charitable work of Wayne von Borstel is children in need. Philanthropist Wayne von Borstel and his wife have partnered with many charitable groups. They aim to bring educational opportunities to children in developing nations.

The importance of charity work is a subject close to the heart of Wayne von Borstel. The founder of von Borstel & Associates explains his work positively affects the people of the world. One of his favorite sayings is that he hopes to make people 20 percent more successful. These successful people can give 10 percent back to their community. The importance of charity work to Wayne von Borstel has a huge impact on the communities he helps.


Alongside his philanthropy, von Borste,l and Associates’ charity work continue to grow. The financial institution partnered with the Yasah Orphanage in Sumatra, Indonesia. Indonesia still sees the impact of the floods of the early-2000s. Hundreds of children lost their parents or struggle to survive because of a loss of income.

Wayne von Borstel is developing their charitable work to help thousands of children. The underprivileged children of Papua New Guinea have had their communities helped. The financial expert partnered with the founders of three schools to improve lives. Wayne von Borstel’s charity work includes bringing Christian values to developing nations. and improving educational opportunities for the students of the three schools.