What Can We Learn From Paul Herdsman About Running A Successful Business?


In a recent article on inspiery.com titled “Paul Herdsman – COO of NICE Global”, John Herdsmen offers a thorough look into the life of an entrepreneur. Over the years, he has learned many habits that would benefit anyone interested in running a business whether they are just starting out or are seasoned entrepreneurs.

It can be emotionally difficult to give up some control of your business, but doing so can increase productivity. In addition, delegating allows an entrepreneur to focus on the big picture instead of getting bogged down in the small details and monotonies of day to day operations.

Herdsman identifies delegation and the act of giving up personal control over certain aspects of his business 50 as an area that he struggles with as an entrepreneur. However, Paul Herdsman recognizes that having a great team leads to increased customer satisfaction and efficient business practices. It’s easy to see that delegation is an important skill for anyone interested in running a business.

Great customer service is the key to building a consumer base. Herdsman points out two very powerful marketing tools: word of mouth and online reviews. His business, NICE Global provides customer service outsourcing for businesses, recognizes the link between customer satisfaction and success.

Productivity is great; being busy is not. Far too many people get bogged down in busy work. Delegating provides a partial solution, but focusing on a goal and cutting out time wasters can also help a lot. One-way Herdsman increases his and his team’s productivity is by focusing on pertinent information and cutting out the rest. This keeps his correspondences short, to the point and effective. See Related Link for additional information.

Delegation, customer service and a focus on productivity played an integral role in Paul Herdsman’s success. Similarly, developing these habits would benefit anyone interested in running a business.

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