Whitney Wolfe is Getting a Lot of Kudos for Bumble

Her name is Whitney Wolfe Herd and she’s the CEO of dating site Bumble. This dating site was started late in 2014 and by 2017 it is considered one of the preeminent dating sites on the internet. Bumble is a great site for women. Why? The site caters to females and the modern feminist agenda.

Make no mistake about it people. We are currently living in the era where females are gaining more equality and being respected as a first-class gender. While females still love and cherish their feminine attributes such as beauty, sexiness, kindness, caring, nurturing and submissiveness; modern women want to be respected as an equal partner and they no longer want to be cast as sexual objects. Bumble helps them to accomplish these goals.

Whitney Wolfe Herd is a married woman. She enjoys being the “wife” to her husband Michael. However, she wants him to know that she is more than a stay-at-home mom and a woman who is incapable contributing to household. We’re pretty sure Mr. Herd understands this point very well.

As the CEO of Bumble, Whitney is on the move. The young business leader has to ensure that Bumble is sending the right message to people who use the site to find love. When a female signs up for Bumble, she is going to quickly discover how much of the site has been built for them. In Whitney Wolfe’s world, women are the ones that make the first move and men have to wait to see if they want them or not.

This facet of Bumble takes a lot of pressure off women. It allows them to control who is approaching them. The truth is that a female profile user can not only control interactions with men, they can also use the site to discover some new best friends. The BFF feature on Bumble has been designed for this purpose.

By the way, did you know that Whitney was originally going to create an all-female social network called Merci. However, she changed her mind and decided to come up with Bumble. Some of the ideas that she now uses for Bumble were going to be used in Merci, if the site had been created. To date, over 1 million women has made the first move. Many famous female entertainers and Hollywood actresses applaud Whitney Wolfe for site. Many women who use the site applaud her as well. Whitney Wolfe gets Kudos for creating such a great site that fits perfectly into the modern era.

About Whitney Wolfe: schedule.sxsw.com/2018/events/PP99060