Whitney Wolfe Leads The Dating App World

A lot of people are finding out who Whitney Wolfe is if they are single. She has become what many considered to be the queen of the dating app world for Android and Apple devices.

Whitney Wolfe is a young fresh face in the entrepreneurial dating in industry. She created the Bumble app, and people have not stopped talking about this since she started it.

This is a company that has become well-known with more than a 12 million users. At one time people may have wondered if this dating app would actually gain the type of stamina that her previous dating app called Tinder had gained, but this is not in question anymore. It’s quite obvious that Bumble will become just as popular as Tinder if it doesn’t overshadow this company in the long run.

What makes people so certain of the future success of Whitney Wolfe is the success that she is having right now. More than 40 million people are using Tinder and it has been around for many years. By contrast, there are already more than 12 million people using Bumble and it has not been around as near as long. Whitney Wolfe still has a long way to go, but she is obviously taking a different route that will get her to a larger audience sooner. She is not simply depending on the dating app to take her to a new heights. She is building her resume as a social media leader that is also creating networking and friendship apps.

This is a great strategy because it pulls people towards the Bumble company even if they are not single people in search of a mate. For many companies that have created dating apps there is only one area that potential app users can in.

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